Magavision, CASA software for swine semen

Magavision is a latest technology CASA system specifically designed for boar semen analysis. Our artificial vision system allows to perform in a simple and fast way an objective and standardized analysis of the main parameters of semen quality: motility, concentration and abnormal forms.

Swine CASA system
  • Perform fast, simple and accurate semen analysis.
  • Install a motorized, heated and autofocusing stage.
  • Storing data in the cloud.
  • Working with a new software. We have implemented new algorithms, more accurate in cell detection and recognition, developed to standardize the seminal analysis process.
  • Adapt it to any center, you can customize and configure a multitude of parameters.
  • Obtain automatic volume thanks to integration with scales.
  • Integrate it with our swine insemination center management software, Gesipor 360. Thanks to this integration you can manage all the information of the analysis and carry out an efficient technical and productive management of the CIA.

Choose your Magavision version of our CASA Pig System

Magavision Tech

Analyses with high accuracy concentration, motility and total abnormal forms

Magavision Prem

Analyses concentration, motility and breakdown of abnormal forms

Magavision SCI

Complete the analysis taking into account the kinetic parameters