🐷 Spermax, Duragen and Vitasem have been designed to preserve semen doses with maximum safety and offer the best results in terms of prolificity, fertility and viable piglets.
✔️ The specific energy precursors included for the mitochondria improve sperm respiration and motility.
✔️ A specific combination of biological buffers regulates and softens pH variations, maintaining the functionality of sperm cells.
✔️ The membrane protectors in their formula and their high antioxidant capacity protect he sperm membrane against lipo-peroxidation.
✔️ Unique membrane stabilizers prevent early sperm capacitation.
✔️ Effective wide spectrum antibiotic combination in compliance with European Directive 90/429/EEC.
✔️ Free of animal protein.
📰 The science behind extenders (Magapor)