As a supplier of AI products to the pork industry, we recognize the resilience of our partners amidst various challenges, including regulatory legislature changes, the ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating feed costs, and shifting consumer preferences, our products remain vital in empowering producers to confront these obstacles head-on.

Biosecurity is another critical concern for the industry, especially with the continued threat of disease outbreaks such as African swine fever. Producers are implementing stringent measures to protect their herds, including strict hygiene protocols, limiting farm access, and controlling transportation. Our products support these efforts by enabling producers to access high quality solutions.

Despite these challenges, consumer demand for pork remains robust, both domestically and globally, showcasing the industry’s unwavering commitment to innovation and operational efficiency. Producers, regardless of scale, are diligently strategizing to maintain competitiveness in an environment where cost-effectiveness is paramount. While regulatory shifts pose challenges, our industry’s adaptability and pioneering spirit continue to position it for sustained growth and success.