Although there is a minimum to comply in terms of water quality, once this minimum is met, the influence that exists between the different types of water, in terms of fertility and prolificacy results on farm, are uncertain.

Reference parameters for water suitable for production of semen doses:

– pH: 5-8
– Calcium hardness: < 3 mg CaCo3/liter
– Presence of bacteria: < 30 cfu/ml
– Conductivity (Conductivity: < 5 µsiemens/cm)
– Absence of microorganisms (bacteria/molds and yeasts)

Regarding the origin of laboratory water, there are two possibilities: to use commercial bottled distilled water or to produce our own laboratory water.

In the case of deciding to produce our own water from tap water, we must ensure the maximum possible quality of the starting water. The ideal is to use drinking water treated with chlorine, which will ensure a low microbial load, to which we will subsequently have to apply an adequate purification process that removes chlorine and as much solutes as possible.